CBD Brazilian Mud Mask, Chamomile&Grapefruit


CBD Brazilian Mud Mask Chamomile&Grapefruit is a premium cosmetic mud from Brazil that features a unique composition, rich in minerals including Silica, Iron, Titanium and Potassium. This Brazilian Chamomile&Grapefruit mud is a soft and mild mud that makes it a great choice for people with dry or sensitive skin. With this mud being rich in minerals including Potassium and Silicon, this Chamomile&Grapefruit mud has been shown to help collagen formation, making it a popular choice in anti-aging products and hair products as it helps reconstitute hair follicles. This Chamomile&Grapefruit mud mask is additionally also used as an exfoliant as it has shown to help stimulate circulation, leaving skin looking healthy and refreshed.